With over 20 years drumming experience, Drew is a dynamic and creative professional with impeccable timing and a deep pocket. He effortlessly thrives on stage and in the studio / session environment.


Drew has always had a love for music, but his life as a musician really began around 1996 when he was 7. At his grandfather’s church, Drew used to sit and mess around on the church band drums before and after services. That messing around soon turned into a full time position and drumming became an obsession. 


Early on, as a self-taught drummer, Drew closely studied the styles and techniques of Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Omar Hakim, Tony Royster Jr., John Blackwell Jr., Dave Weckl and others.


After years of dedication, practice, discipline and obsessive desire, in 2011, Drew was accepted on a full scholarship to the internationally renowned and illustrious Los Angeles College of Music. There he studied under Master Craftsmen and drum legends Ralph Humphrey, Joe Porcaro and Tony Inzalaco, to name a few. Graduating at the top of his class, Drew is a versatile and well respected drummer. In fact, here’s how a couple of drum legends describe Drew’s style and ability:

"Andrew Caballero is a very creative drummer who doesn't sound contrived. He plays in the moment and his spirit exudes a very natural enthusiasm and love of the music."


 -Tony Inzalaco (Legendary Jazz Drummer) 

“Drew’s unique drumming style is very captivating to watch and to hear. His musicality is combined with wonderful technique and a beautiful sound.”

- Ralph Humphrey (Legendary Session Drummer)

Drew is a highly sought after professional percussionist. Ego free, easy to work with, “Drew knows when to bring it and when to lay back”, is how his clients describe him. As a passionate student of his craft, Drew is always looking for ways to improve upon his talents and projects he is working on. Drew is extremely disciplined, formally trained and exceptionally proficient in many genres, including Rock, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Blues, Gospel, Hand Percussions and Chart Reading.


Whether live or in studio, your project deserves the very best possible chance for success. Having Drew on your project most definitely increases those chances. Please feel free to reach out to discuss your project, ideas and rates.

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